Detox is one of the leading private medical centres specialising in alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Clinical profile:

Detox ensures economically effective help based on the latest achievement in medical science for people taking alcohol, heroin and other drugs. We are the first who started wide application of fast, effective and humane methods of detoxication from opiates in our clinical practice. In our day-to-day treatment of patients with opiate addiction we apply widely Naltrexone – the most effective for today medicine to prevent from opiate addiction.

We are always ready to provide our patients with reliable information about existing and available treatment for this or that form of chemical addiction.
Scheduling the treatment we try to take into account of patient and his/her family wishes as far as possible. Various treatment programs are possible to adapt to needs of a specific patient and his/her relatives.


Heroin is adsorbed quickly (comes to blood) with all administration ways. If intravenous injection, blood concentration peak is achieved during 1 minute at the latest, if inhalation or intramuscular injection – during 3-5 minutes.


Heroin is the most often illegally taken drug of opiates. It evokes heavy forms of physical and psychic addiction very fast. Several injections of this drug are enough for a human to have addiction to and strive to take this drug further. So-called “street- heroin” is sold in form o white or brown powder.


Detoxication in the direct sense of the word is achievement of the condition free from drugs. Detoxication from opiates also mean treatment for abstinent disorders inevitable when drug is not taken.


Naltrexone  is a strong and highly specific opiate antagonist. Naltrexone binds to opiate receptors and prevents from penetration of heroin, methodon, codeine, dentoxile and other opiates thereto.


Now, when You have passed detoxication and started administration of Naltrexone (or You have implanted Naltrexone preparation of prolonged effect), here is a difficult task standing before You – to learn think and behave Yourself to avoid intrusion of narcotics into Your life.


Alcohol abusers are significantly more likely than non-drinkers to behave in a hostile manner, and also suffer from depressed mood, anxiety, intellectual degradation, and loss of motivation.

Our team

MD Mihail Aron

addiction medicine doctor

MD Igor Panihin

anaestesiologist, intensive care doctor

MD Inese Vilpore

anaestesiologist, intensive care doctor


nurse practitioner



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Outpatient department: +371 67204065
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Inpatient department: +371 67204020


Outpatient department:
+371 67204065
+371 66065588
Inpatient department:
+371 67204020


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